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Lahic Ismailli


Авг 22, 2014

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Lahic is an urbam type village of Ismailli region, located on the southern sloper of the Greater Caucasus from 71 km, north-east of the railway station Myusyusli. Lahic represents original monument of Persian urban and architectural art of antiquity. It is a medieval town with paved streets and squares, developed severage and water supply. Lahic is a historical monument protected by the Government. The city is included in the international tourist route on the Great Silk road.
Long sibce Lahic people were craftsman, involved in the manufacture of weapons, metal dishes and special stone constraction.
One of the oldest sewer systems in the world is in Lahic, which age is estimated about 1000 years. It is belived that the legendary hat of Monomah, which was worm by russian tsars for many centuries, was made here.


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